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Report: Obama’s Plan to Keep College Affordable for All Americans

Obama Talks EducationAt the State of the Union last week, President Obama briefly discussed his thoughts on the current and future state of higher education. Although education was a short topic in the broader discussion, the White House has since released a statement that outlines the Obama Administration’s plan to make college affordable for everyone.

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Student Spotlight: Alan Kipping-Ruane, Penn State University

Alan KippingName: Alan Kipping-Ruane
Hometown: Chadds Ford, PA
College: Pennsylvania State University – Berks Campus
Year: Sophomore
Major: Kinesiology
Career Aspiration: Professional triathlete and high performance endurance coach

Kipping-Ruane joined the Navy to pay for college. He shares what he learned about the educational benefits of joining the military.

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College Costs Rise, Families Pay Less

GraduateRedGownMoneyMany potential students find themselves using the excuse that college is too expensive, which prevents them from furthering their education. However, students don’t necessarily have to over-spend to earn their degree.

An annual study from Sallie Mae reveals that middle and upper class families seem to be finding ways to spend less on the total cost of college. The report points out that the average amount paid for college has dropped down 9% from last year.

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Report: College Dropouts Cost Government Billions

Money Down DrainEarlier this week, the American Institutes for Research (AIR) released a report revealing that an alarming number of students did not finishing their college education. The findings, which focused on one year and one graduating class, concluded that close to 50% of students who entered college did not graduate within six years.

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