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Report: Obama Announces Summer Jobs Initiative for Young Americans

Young ProfessionalsPresident Obama is continuing to push his American Jobs Act, which Congress failed to pass a few months ago, piece by piece.

His most recent initiative attempts to hit the problem of unemployment at the base. According to the White House blog, Summer Jobs+ is a call to action for businesses, non-profits and the government to work together to provide pathways to employment for low-income and disconnected youth during the upcoming summer.

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Report: President Obama’s Third Annual Back-to-School Speech

Presidential CalendarEarlier today, President Obama spoke to students across the country about the role their education will play in the future of America. He reassured them that while grades are important, they don’t have to get a perfect score on every single assignment. Instead, what students should focus on is using the time to experience new things so they can discover where their passion lies.

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