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Big Deals: College Swag

Big DealsCongratulations, incoming freshmen, on making your college decision. Just think, this time next year you’ll be lounging around in sweatpants emblazoned with your school’s insignia, eating cold pizza and gossiping with your dormmates about last night’s …uh, study session. It’s almost finals, right?

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College Decision Week: Factors to Consider When Choosing a College

College Decision WeekMay 1st is Decision Day! That’s when students must let schools know whether or not they will be attending their college in the fall. In other words … this is crunch time. It may seem like each step in the admissions process is more stressful than the one before it, but no worries. We are here to help. During College Decision Week, we will be offering all sorts of advice to help you make the right college choice!

To kick off College Decision Week, here are five of the most important factors to consider when choosing a college.

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Student Essay: Choosing A College For Continuing Education

When I made the decision to go back to college as a working adult, I learned very quickly that what I was looking for in a college now was very different than the priorities of a traditional high school graduate. I looked more at things like scheduling and commute times and less at campus life and social activities.

Since school materials are generally geared towards traditional students, I had to make the extra effort to get the information I needed. Lucky for me, I live in Los Angeles, a city that has many colleges and universities from which to choose. My short-list included all of the local universities and major online colleges; it consisted of about ten schools. Continue reading

NACAC’s 24th Annual Space Availability Survey

Still haven’t made a college-commitment? Don’t despair. You have options.

Today, the National Association of College Admissions Counseling announced that at least 279 colleges still have space and financial aid available for freshman and transfer students for the Fall 2011 semester. Of those listed, 97 percent have housing space.

The survey of NACAC member four-year colleges and universities – 29 percent of the respondents are public colleges,  while 71 percent are private – is designed to assist those who have not yet completed their college admissions process.

Read the 2011 Space Availability Survey on the NACAC website. The list will be continually updated and available until July 1, 2011.

Learn more about your college options at College Search.