Top 5: Things You Need to Do Before College Graduation

Top 5You probably completed most of the things you wanted to do before you graduate … things like jumping into the campus pond or running across the quad naked. Now it’s time to complete the things you need to do before you graduate. And in some cases, not doing these things might keep you from graduating in the first place.

Some might call it a college graduation checklist, we call it the top 5 things you need to do before college graduation.

1. Get Letters of Recommendation. While letters of recommendation for jobs have taken a dive in importance in the last few decades, recommendation letters for further education are still crucial to your chances of getting in to the school of your choice. Before you leave campus, make sure you’ve contacted a select group of professors, administrators, counselors or coaches who will write good things about your college performance.

2. Clean Your Apartment. Assuming you want your security deposit back, it’s a good idea to give your apartment or dorm a once-over before you vacate for the summer. Get your roommates to help you scrub the tub, fix any holes that may have been created on especially rowdy evenings and clean out the fridge. Doing this will ensure you get your deposit back or help you avoid residence hall charges that might keep you from getting your diploma.

3. Leave a Forwarding Address. The days of getting care packages from mom might be over (aww …) but your university address is probably still the destination for most of your important mail. Take a trip to the mail center to update your forwarding address, then make sure the post office has the same information – it’s an easy process you can complete mail forwarding online. Finally, ensure the alumni center has an address to send alumni information. Don’t have an address yet? Use mom and dad’s or a friend’s in the interim.

4. Meet with Career Services. Surprisingly, most college students don’t take full advantage of the career services center at their college or university. Career services can help you figure out exactly what you want to do, set you up with jobs and internships, and probably – most importantly – connect you with alumni in your job field who might be your only acquaintances in a new profession or new city.

5. Pay Your Parking Tickets. How pissed would your parents be if you didn’t graduate because you didn’t pay your parking tickets? We all know parking on campus is never a treat. In fact, it’s estimated that college students get (earn?) an average of two parking tickets a year. And when these tickets are not paid, colleges have been known to do insidious things like delay grade reports and withhold diplomas. Pay your tickets now and avoid frustration later.

Take care of these five things and most likely you’ll progress from college student to real-life adult with no problem at all. Even though now you’re probably wondering if leaving college life behind you and becoming a real-life adult is a good thing…

Graduation WeekWhat other things must students do before college graduation?

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4 responses to “Top 5: Things You Need to Do Before College Graduation

  1. Great advice for graduating seniors!

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  3. Yes, those darn parking tickets can keep you from actually getting a degree. Don’t try to forget about them.

  4. i would not like to clean my apartment but will try.

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