Apps to Amp-Up Your Spring Break

Technology ToolsSmartphones sometimes govern – but also improve – our lives. We search for random bits of information, read blogs and emails, tweet, chat, listen to music  … and sometimes we can even use them to study or get organized. There are even certain apps you can use to  make your spring break the best ever.

Here are some fantastic smartphone apps to use during your vacation.

From the Mountains to the Beach to the Amusement Park – How to Know When to Go
On the Snow Ski and Snow Report App(iphone and android, free) lists slope conditions at all the resorts near you, plus it gives you testimonials and live camera feeds.

Surfline Surf Report (iphone and android, free) lets you check out the surf without being anywhere near the beach. If you’re willing to pay for the app, you also get a live streaming HD video that shows popular beaches around the world and live weather updates and forecasts.

Disney Mobile Magic (iphone and android, free) lets anyone headed for Disney for spring break to see instantly which rides have the shorter lines and where your favorite Disney character is at any given moment. You can even make dinner reservations.

Stuck in Traffic or Flight Delayed? Don’t Despair
If you’re bored at an airport, check out GateGuru (iphone, android, free). It lists everything fun there is to do in your terminal and throughout the airport. You can search for where to get the nearest mojito, massage, mani-pedi, even play areas. You’ll never have to sit around the gate waiting again.

Want to know where to eat or whether you should stop for gas now or later? Check out RoadAhead (iphone, free). It finds you on any U.S. highway and displays the nearest gas stations with their prices, food choices, nearby merchants and the best exits to reach all of them. Combining a few different apps on android can get you the same services, although rumor has it android is developing their own version of this app.

For your standard search of nearby points of interest, Yelp of course still has a corner on the market. You can go directly to the Yelp website or use the smartphone versions on iphone and android.

Finally, Roadside America (iphone, Garmin Nuvi, TomTom and coming soon for android, prices vary) can guide you to offbeat places along your route, like the world’s largest ball of twine or the largest shoe house.

Throw or Find a Party
Not sure what ingredients go into your favorite drink (for those of you over 21, of course)? Mixology (iphone, android, free) is a complete drink recipe and bartending guide.

Any party would be lame without good music, so get Pandora Radio (iphone, android, free) on your phone to find the latest hits any time.

And if you want to go to a party instead of creating your own, use the Happy Hours app (iphone, android, free) to find the nearest happy hour complete with menus and reviews.

Whether you are taking a vacation or staycation, use these apps to  make your experience remarkable.

What are your favorite travel smartphone apps? Share your discoveries in the comments.

High school students, consider using spring break for a campus visit. Check out the top college towns and read about life beyond campus.

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11 responses to “Apps to Amp-Up Your Spring Break

  1. Great ideas. We don’t like to be bored!

  2. I am so excited about trying these apps! I just downloaded several of them. Terrific suggestions!

    My favorite “travel apps” right now are google maps – helps to avoid traffic problems, Starbucks – you gotta know where to get my yummy mochas, and AroundMe – lets me know what is around me.

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  4. Hi! I’m from the Philippines, so I think most of these apps won’t work for me. But the Gate Guru looks like a universal app. Would love to try it out when I travel again and get stuck at the airport, just to see if it’ll work on any part of the world. =)

  5. Seems to be a good set of apps to use. I will try them out these week :) Thanks

  6. Thanks for sharing these wonderful apps. These apps are genius. I will definitely try one of them.

  7. seems like very useful apps! hope to enjoy them when i get an iPhone or phone w/ Android. haha! :D

  8. Nice apps, I can recommend this to my brother and his family who are all residing there in the US..

  9. Wow! All great apps listed in your post! Thanks for sharing. I will check these apps now and download some =)

  10. You’re so nice to list all these apps! :D Too bad I don’t think I can use most of it since I’m based in the Philippines. Hope we have wonderful apps like this for Philippine use though :)

  11. These are good apps. Hope we can use these apps here in the Phils. too. These are useful ones.:)

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