Top 5: Reasons to Join Student Government

VoteThe goal of student government – or student council as it’s often called in high school – is to give a voice to students, so that they are represented and supported throughout the school’s academic and social community. While this might sound very professional and kind of … noble really, the positive side effects of getting involved in student government are often quite diverse.

Take a look at the top 5 reasons to join student government.

1. Scholarships
Anything to do with free money for college has to rank first on our list. No matter if you are a high school student who is an active member in your school’s student council or a college student in student government, there’s scholarship money out there waiting to be snatched up. High school students check out the National Association of Student Councils scholarships. College kids, explore your school’s student government page to see what kind of scholarship opportunities they offer.

2. Networking
As a representative of the student body, you will participate in variety of student government conferences, meetings, summits and field trips. All of these outings will give you ample opportunity to connect with faculty, administrators and community leaders, as well as other students. These types of networks are crucial in developing a support system when it comes time to look for a job.

3. Resume-Building
On top of the connections you make while a member, student government is the type of thing colleges and ultimately, employers, love seeing on resumes. A membership in student government shows a depth of commitment and leadership skills. Few other student organizations can say the same.

4. Positive Influence on Your School
This really speaks to the original goal of student government in the first place. As a student government member, you get to stand up for the rights of yourself and your fellow students. You get to help preserve your school’s traditions. And – maybe most importantly – help your school evolve with changing times.

5. Fun and Friends
Isn’t this how all lists like this end? They tell you that you will “have fun while participating” and talk about all the “friends you will make.” But, unlike other lists, we can make this guarantee about student government. Plus, if you don’t have any fun or meet a new friend, email us and tell us about it, and we will personally come back and change this blog. I’m guessing we won’t hear from you.

Have you participated in student government? Share your experience in the comments.

Find out exactly what college student governments accomplish and how high school student governments help with college admission. Explore all the student organizations available on campus. 

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3 responses to “Top 5: Reasons to Join Student Government

  1. Joining student government is great advice because it builds experience and develops relationship skills. Employers always love students who are contributors to society.

  2. I was never interested in student government, but if I had to start over as a teen and had the knowledge that I have now I might try it!

  3. I like reason #1, since my daughter is in ASB this year. Is the NASC the only scholarship opportunity for high schoolers, or does involvement in student government factor into college scholarship decisions?

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