Report: Obama’s Plan to Keep College Affordable for All Americans

Obama Talks EducationAt the State of the Union last week, President Obama briefly discussed his thoughts on the current and future state of higher education. Although education was a short topic in the broader discussion, the White House has since released a statement that outlines the Obama Administration’s plan to make college affordable for everyone.

The plan ultimately breaks down into five measures that the current administration feels need to take effect in order to reach that goal.

– More aid will be favored towards the schools that keep tuition costs low.

– States will be rewarded for making the necessary changes in order to contain tuition costs.

– There will be a First in the World competition to support colleges as they work towards making higher education more attainable.

– A “College Scorecard” will be available for families to reference to better understand college costs and graduation rates.

– There will be support on the federal level to lower costs.

As we have reported, the Obama Administration has already moved forward with  increasing the maximum amount a student can receive through a Pell Grant  and the “Pay as You Earn” plan, which will provide students the option of capping student loan repayments at 10% of their monthly income.

Each of these newer initiatives will build on the progress that the Obama Administration has already made in helping to make college more affordable.

Read more about President Obama increasing the Pell Grant. Check out the top ten things you need to know about paying for college and some common financial aid mistakes to avoid.

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What do you think of President Obama’s education plan?

6 responses to “Report: Obama’s Plan to Keep College Affordable for All Americans

  1. Although I am from Canada I think affordable education is very important for all . Thanks for the post.

  2. Being a grandparent raising my two teenage grandchildren, affordable education is right up there with affordable medical care…I for one am continuing to pray that the powers in Washington will see that all Americans receive the same as they do!

  3. I am from Canada and our education is through the roof as well. I have 2 opinions which may or may not be up for debate.
    1. I think kids should be allowed affordable education and not have to stress about working so much to pay a huge bill. They work to pay, taking time away from their studies.
    2. Many kids screw around in school some using as purely social so they don’t have to get a job. When we pay out of pocket, it is taken more seriously.
    3. It is unnecessary to pay so much for textbooks year after year and it is mandatory to do this. Often you aren’t allowed to use a previous students text because ‘things are updated’ when in fact things got moved around but it is all the same information.
    Hmmm…..I could go on….

  4. As a single Mom I had to let my kids take student loans to further their education. Anything to alleviate that burden for our young people is welcome and needed!

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