Report: Obama Announces Summer Jobs Initiative for Young Americans

Young ProfessionalsPresident Obama is continuing to push his American Jobs Act, which Congress failed to pass a few months ago, piece by piece.

His most recent initiative attempts to hit the problem of unemployment at the base. According to the White House blog, Summer Jobs+ is a call to action for businesses, non-profits and the government to work together to provide pathways to employment for low-income and disconnected youth during the upcoming summer.

The White House believes that the first real job is crucial in preparing young adults for future careers. The – mostly unpaid – jobs will be responsible for giving American youth the opportunity to learn skills and develop work experience that will be required of them in order to obtain jobs once they graduate.

The program will include an easy to use search tool that will allow young Americans to browse through job opportunities from all of the employers participating in the initiative.

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What do you think of the president’s latest move to create jobs?

One response to “Report: Obama Announces Summer Jobs Initiative for Young Americans

  1. this is a step in the right direction and should benefit kids like my teen son.

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