Campus Ghost Stories

Foggy AlleyHappy Halloween!

To celebrate the day, here are a few famous ghosts stories floating around universities throughout the country.

Ohio University
Ohio University is reportedly the most haunted college campus in the country. Everything – including educational buildings, sports arenas, dormitories, sororities and fraternities – seems to have a ghostly legend behind it. Most of the stories come from Wilson Hall, which reportedly sits at the dead center of five cemeteries, one of which belongs to an old Athens Mental Health Center. Numerous reports of ghostly figures have been sighted in it the halls throughout the years, along with strange voices and doors being locked and unlocked. Wilson Hall was even featured on an episode of Scariest Places on Earth.

New York University
NYU’s Brittany Hall used to be a hotel and the home to a speakeasy in the 1920s and 1930s. Residents of the dorm have often reported hearing footsteps, music and dancing that seems to come from no obvious source. Some have also spoke about the feeling of being watched.

Washington State University
The Cougars have numerous buildings on campus overflowing with ghost stories. In Regent Hall, doors open for no reason and closests open and shut randomly. People believe that the culprit is the ghost of a girl who committed suicide in her dorm room in the 1970s.

University of Illinois
Stories emanating from this campus include multiple sightings of a male figure – wearing a gray uniform, but without a face – all over campus. A number of students have been awakened by the presence of the man standing over them who immediately turns and disappears into the closet.

Georgetown University
The Hoyas go to school on a campus that provided the setting for one of the scariest movies of all time: The Exorcist. With a terrifying movie about demonic possession taking place on your campus, it’s a sure thing to expect some ghost stories. Healy Hall is said to have secret sealed off floors and rooms that include stories about a young Jesuit student who once accidently opened the door to hell while reading forbidden chants out of a book about exorcism.

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