Report: President Obama’s Third Annual Back-to-School Speech

Presidential CalendarEarlier today, President Obama spoke to students across the country about the role their education will play in the future of America. He reassured them that while grades are important, they don’t have to get a perfect score on every single assignment. Instead, what students should focus on is using the time to experience new things so they can discover where their passion lies.

President Obama emphasized that once students finally settle on a career they think they’ll enjoy, it is important for them to make sure they continue their education past high school. He went on to say, “The fact of the matter is that more than 60 percent of the jobs in the next decade will require more than a high school diploma – more than 60 percent. That’s the world you’re walking into.”

The president also asked students to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice their teachers pour into helping them succeed. “They don’t do it for a fancy office. They don’t do it for the big salary. They do it for you. They do it because nothing gives them more satisfaction than seeing you learn. They know you’re our future.”

Teachers are responsible for guiding students into the future. As we mentioned yesterday, part of President Obama’s American Jobs Act will be to make sure that they are being properly trained to do just that.

Watch the address in its entirety on The White House blog.

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